Imagine... a Light Library of PLEASURE, co-created with many SiStars of Light, shared with your most beloved clients & friends...

The creation of the Light Library of Pleasure is guided by Lisa Murray, Kelly Quinn & Cynthya Popperwell.

Dearest SiStar & Pleasure Guide, we would LOVE you to join us...

Why a PLEASURE Library?

Pleasure is an activation of life and light force energy. It is a healing light that draws us forward. It makes us unstoppable and brings reward to things we’d rather not finish. (How can we thank you enough chocolate?)

As we expand true sacred pleasure on the planet, so will our abundance expand. Pleasure is an embodied revolution of heart and soul.

Pleasure has been given a bad name because it is POWERFUL. Pleasure is an immersion in freedom.

A woman who owns her pleasure is not easy to control. Intricately connected with our nervous system (nerves) , our soul light and the bliss of our heart, sacred pleasure is an illuminator of the ALL that is possible.

And, for many women, pleasure often comes last... (in more ways than one!!)

Our dragon selves have spoken. NOW is the time for gathering in pleasure, peace, harmony, healing and presence, through the powerful elements of light and love. Collectively we change the world!!

What is a Light Library of Pleasure?

Imagine 75 - 100 alchemical pleasure practices and rituals, beautifully curated into a compendium of words, images,

audio and video... available to all who seek to bring their inner light alive. This light library is created as a high quality digital product that all participating Pleasure Guides can share with their beloved people, for a minimal price.

How does the Light Library of Pleasure work?

You Contribute:

* ONE powerful, uncommon pleasure practice, founded in sacred, soulful ritual - via words & images / audio or video (your choice - can be a mix).

* A headshot, 50 word bio & a website or social media link.

* $75 AUD to contribute to production costs & our energy in bringing this huge collaborative project to fruition.

* Promotion of the Light Library of Pleasure wherever you feel inspired to share, in a spirit of generosity & expansion.

You receive:

* A high quality digital product that you can give away or sell on your website & beyond.

* Visibility of your offer in 75+ light leader spheres of influence. It’s time to unite in light.

* New connections with a broader soulful sisterhood as the Light Library is shared by each of us.

* A ‘Light Library SiStars’ online group with other light leaders, for co-ordinating the launch and opening to new co-creative possibilities.

* Income potential - the Light Library of Pleasure can be sold via your website for $0-$20 AUD (your choice). For the first month of launching, we will all sell at the same price. After the launch is complete, you can choose your price.

The Process:

If you would love to play, please apply below. We are taking applications to ensure we have a wide range of pleasure practices and rituals included. It will only take you a few minutes to apply. :)

We will approve or provide feedback on your application within 48 hours.

Once approved, you'll make your payment of $75 AUD* to confirm your participation (payment link will be sent with approval).

Once payment is received you will receive instructions for uploading your Pleasure Practice or Ritual, so that we can put it into the format/s needed for sharing.

Applications to participate close Friday 4 May 2024 (AEST).

Your Pleasure Ritual / Practice must be uploaded by 13 May 2024 - sooner if possible!

We will curate and collate the resources into the library by 22 May.

The magical Light Library of Pleasure will be launched on Friday 24 May 2024.

More information on the launch will be provided once you become a Light Library of Pleasure Guide.

Apply to Contribute!


If you are currently in genuine financial difficulty (ie cannot pay for food or shelter), please apply, noting your situation in your application. We desire to create unity and connection through this project & will assist you to participate if we can.


If you are feeling abundant and would like to sponsor another sister to participate, who is still on her journey to wealth, please use the ‘sponsor’ button when you pay. Sponsors will be gratefully acknowledged in the Light Library of Pleasures book.

$75 AUD is approximately USD 48 / EUR 45 / GBP 39 (as at 17 Apr 2024)

This tiny investment may reward you beyond your wildest dreams ~ if you action it!


Lisa Murray - Let Go & Flow

Hi! Lisa Murray here, creator and founder of Creative Alchemi™.

I've been facilitating and guiding intuitive and energy alchemy practices for over fifteen years, and living them since I was 14.

I am the author of 'Stop Waiting, Start Creating' and 'Living Beyond Burnout' and I've created 150 + live and online classes + live events globally in 15+ countries.

Four years of initiations has lead to a full recalibration of my creations, shifting my body of work into new realms of possibility, including a mystery school and a series of dragon books... coming soon!

I'm thrilled to co-create this project with SiStars of Light across the world. It's our time to rise!!

Kelly Quinn is a compassionate campaigner for healthy communication for healthy relationships. Creator of The CARE Model, a progressive consent based communications tool used to embed equitable structures in any enterprise, group, community or family from the get go.

Kelly has a wild sense of humour and a daring spirit and is serious on her mission to getting people to love share and collaborate with each other!

Kelly is trauma sensitive trained and fully aware of the perils of navigating the world from a fuzzy, splintered, disembodied, anxiety filled state. What she discovered on her own self healing journey she uses in her devotion to bringing soothing and settling to those she’s sits with and creates with.

You’ll always find Kel sitting amongst a group of changemakers with big pads and colours making plans for a better more fair and kind world.

Kelly’s vision for the world is one of friendship, togetherness, collaboration and joy. One where everyone wins.

Lisa Murray - Let Go & Flow
Lisa Murray - Let Go & Flow

Hi! I am Cynthya Popperwell 😊 Light Weaver and Founder of Serendipity Healing in 2006. I am excited to be a co-creator in this project.

I have published 4 books, a Trilogy of my Journey of this lifetime,

* Turtle Journey, synchronicity & the Universe

* Crystals in the Wall

* Soul Reunion

* Awakening the Sleeper Within

My 5th book 'Cosmic Recall & The Light' has begun!

I have been holding Circle, running Retreats and workshops since 2003, presenting at conferences locally, nationally and internationally since 2018

My passion lies in helping others overcome personal challenges and to see life from a perspective that can help them achieve their dreams, grow, feel good within themselves and to live the best life possible.

All of life is interconnected and interrelated. We exist within 4 bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Each is equally important for the balance of the whole. Our emotions carry energy that can reach others who live with and around us. We are part of a wider social environment which expands to encompass our planet.

Things to know... + See the FAQs below...

* The Light Library of Pleasure will be offered as a mix of audio, video and written content. You can choose your format!

* This is an experiment in co-creation, collaboration and sisterhood... please respect everyone's contributions!

* You can also offer tiny bonuses such as: song or book suggestions (we'll create a Spotify playlist); mini, more well known pleasures as a gentle reminder that pleasure doesn't have to take all day (but it can!!) ;) pleasure product recommendations (these may not be affiliate links). We will prompt you for these optional extras when you upload your contribution.

* We will include 3-5 podcast interviews on the private podcast audio - for topics that need a deep dive. If you would like to be interviewed, reach out to one of us privately and we will consider your request!

* If you choose to participate, you agree to the licensing terms outlined in the FAQs below.

We love you and we welcome you to a new era in Light SiStar Leadership. Thank you for co-creating with us!

Pleasure is a rather lovely form of receiving. It’s our birthright. We were not born to work non-stop, to worry and suffer. We are here to enjoy the magic of life… and yet, we live in dark times right now. The Light Library of Pleasure is an antidote which invites loving change. Open to the healing light that brings us together.


What kinds of Pleasure resources are you seeking?

Oooh... We're so glad you asked! We desire to share the Pleasure of body, being, heart, mind, soul… all the elements...

Pleasure is one entry point to the new golden energies, and few people really get the truth and power of pleasure. So... how can we be the invitation to this alchemy that is now drawing us further into the light?

People will be at different levels of expansion when it comes to embodying pleasure, so we invite all kinds of pleasure practices from simple nervous system support, to the sensual, sexual pleasure that we naturally think of when pleasure is mentioned, and everything in between!

Please make sure your pleasure practice or ritual is unique to your body of work and that you have permission to share it if it is derived from someone else's work.

It will also be most energetically congruent for the Light Library if you are embodying this practice as part of your life or work.

We desire to offer a large diversity of pleasure practices for women, that invite them to expand the pleasure in their lives.

As we expand our capacity to receive more (pleasure), we expand our capacity for abundance. As we expand our abundance, we increase our power to create. We call it purposeful pleasure... and of course it is playful too!!


If you are unsure what you can/would like to contribute, reach out to us for a quick soulstorm / brainstorm... Please come with a list of possibilities or ideas for us to help you sort through! You can also contact any of us via FB messenger.

Lisa Murray:

Kelly Quinn:

Cynthya Popperwell:

Can I contribute a resource I already have available for free on my website or my social media presence??

Preference will be given to contributions that are not already publicly available. 

Is it honouring of the intent of this project, your sisterhood of Light Leaders and the power of your work to offer something that is already available freely available?  Most likely not…

The quality of what you offer is your invitation for pleasure seekers to visit your website for more!

Format & Logistics

The Light Library of Pleasure will be curated / created as follows:


All written / visual materials will be collated into a printable book using Canva. The book will be beautiful and reflect the branding you already see for this project.

Please make your contribution a maximum of 5 pages if it is in written form. If it is longer than that it may be better as an audio or video.

Included in the book will be links to the audio and video resources so that all contributors are featured in the book.


All audio and video will be uploaded to a private podcast on Hello Audio (via Lisa's existing account). This will enable people to listen on the go as it can be accessed via their podcast app.

Please note that participants will need to supply their email address for access (as we won't offer a universal shareable link so as to keep the integrity of the product intact.)


Please upload to YouTube as an Unlisted Video and we will share the link from your YT account.

All of these resources will be made available as ONE bundle that you can then add to your website as desired. A small collection of images etc will be made available too.

Please write your own copy for promotion on your website so that we are not penalised by Google for duplicate content.

Do you offer refunds?

No refunds are available once you are committed to the project.

There is an immense workload in curating this project and we value our time and energy.

The ‘Dear Dragons’ Q&A that started this magical project...

“Dear Dragon's, how can we best unite the awakened ones globally to allow the miracles and magic to ignite?”

Dearest Cynthya,

Thank you for your grand vision and deep care for ALL in this time of great change. Just like us of the dragon realm, humanity has many, many expressions and it is quite a vast project for all to be in tune.

So let us explore how we can begin.

Each awakening being has a heart resonance which calls to the hearts of those they are paving new ways for. As your light brightens and your paths widen, you will naturally merge / emerge alongside those you are meant to journey with at this time.

The unity is of the heart-soul-being, as there is still much divergence of the mind. This truly is an illuminary way, in all facets of possibility.

We wonder, have you asked for the miracles and magic to ignite?

What is your vision for this?

Has it already ignited through the experience of 2020 in the red centre?

Have you attuned to the paths of those nearest you (in energy, form and presence) and wondered what you may co-create?

Have you lit up your path so brilliantly that it cannot be missed by the convergence of souls you are here to co-create with?

We have been in dark times where the brightest of the bright were regularly and deliberately extinguished. It takes immense courage to try once more.

Please know that this time, there are many more of the awakened ones seeking this unity.

Look into the eyes of all whom you meet. Is there life there? If so, start a conversation… you will be surprised at the magic that arises.

Know that we of the dragon realms are with you in the activation of this vast and wonderful expression of life as peaceful harmony. And our SiStar Lisa has much still to bring forth. She will be inviting all to join an Illuminary Way in the near future as her time of initiation is finished for now.

You are most welcome to bring your magical presence, and to invite those of the light who cross your path. Together we thrive.

Co-creation is an intuitive multi-dimensional game as we move forward. Be. And you will KNOW.

We also remind you that we of the dragon realms are masterful with the dragon lines, and also the timelines. We are making both soft and bold moves as we sense it is time, and we invite you to attune to these shifts so that you may wholly and soul-y further activate the immense brilliance that is yours to share.

This is the beginning. Please feel free to ask again at a later time.

We adore your wisdom. You have much to offer.

Lisa’s Dragons.

P.S. The presence of others commenting on your question shows the readiness of many to begin this quest of the soul. Enjoy! (ED. This was Kelly Quinn, igniting the flame of co-creation for us all...)

Can I invite my soul sistars to participate?

YES!! Please send them to so they can apply.

Let us collectively cast our light into the furtherest reaches of this realm and beyond.

Can I teach or alter the work in this Light Library?

No! Please see our Terms & Conditions & the Licensing & Legal FAQ below for more information.

Each of these resources has been generously offered by a SiStar of Light (like you!). The licence for use of this Light Library is ONLY for sharing in its complete form, with all creator acknowledgements intact.

If any of these materials are used in any other form, your licence to use these materials will be instantly, fully and wholly revoked and you may be liable for compensating the SiStar whose work you have appropriated if she chooses to pursue the situation further. In addition you will be removed from the Light Library and all associated benefits with no refund.

You are a being of light... shine YOUR light and it will attract your right people. Don't make us send dragons after you!! ;)

Licensing & Legal

Participation in the Light Library project assumes you agree to the following:

Licensing of your work for the Light Library:

  • You verify that you have permission to share this pleasure practice or ritual and that the intellectual property is not owned by any other party.

  • You agree to indefinite use of your contribution within the Light Library, including its distribution by gift or sale by any other Light Library contributor.

  • You agree not to use anyone else’s work in a separate format (ie you must keep the Light Library fully intact and in the form/s provided, without any alteration).

  • You agree you have no claim on any Light Library participant in relation to their sales (unless they have misapproprated your work and used or sold it separately, in which case you may independently pursue them as you see fit).

  • You acknowledge that each of us offers the Light Library to our audiences and the Light Library may be used as gift, digital product or upsell, according to the contributor's preference.

  • You acknowledge that the Light Library will be a finished product by 22 May 2024 and changes are not able to be made after the Light Library is launched.


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making sure they have the link to this page as well.

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