Lisa Murray. Guardian of Dragons. Lover of the Mysteries. Intuitive Alchemist.

I know. I look normal. This is probably the time to let you know I'm not. And ideally, nor are you!

My superpowers emerge directly from what’s unusual about me! As. Do. Yours!

TLDR:: I'm Multi-creative. Neurodivergent. Intuitive. Unconventional. Super creative.

(A 1/3 MG for any Human Design fans)

What does this have to do with you? Read on!

In the midst of change & seeking new ways forward?

I've been there. That squishy 'meltdown' phase that is absolutely essential for the caterpillar to become the butterfly.

My metamorphosis arrived in the form of burnout, a series of toxic narcissists, losing my house and a whole host of smaller miseries that seemed never-ending. 

Why so much horror? Three things. 1. Control Freak. 2. Resistance to change. 3. Severe self-doubt. All wrapped up in a pretty intense bundle of extreme sensitivity aka as awareness. 

The good news? You don't have to live big horror stories if you are open to change and willing to live the transformation that will give you wings. Seeking new questions allowed my wings to grow and the misery gave way to magic.

If you're in this stage, a couple of 1-1 sessions with me is your balm.

If you're in a dark night of the soul, then Mysteria will gently nurture your emergence.

If you're on a budget right now, my books will gift you many sparks of inspiration! 'Stop Waiting, Start Creating' and 'Living Beyond Burnout' are both available on Amazon.

Pegasus symbolises your capacity to live the life you were born to live. It's the rebirth of freedom, magic, being wholehearted and fully expressed and unleashing of your creative muse. It's time to awaken your brilliance and light up the world!

I've discovered that when you are SO much, you cannot be too much, that judgement is not relevant, that my need to be invisible was wrapped up in a wild collection of past life experiences.

In finding ways to live beyond these limitations I built an international business, running Creative Alchemi™ events in more than 15 countries.

I've written two books (so far) - Stop Waiting, Start Creating, and Living Beyond Burnout - and created and launched over 150 courses and events in my quest to discover what I'm here to transform.

If you're sensing new possibilities & seeking to discover 'YOUR' unique ways forward, The Illuminary Way is your soul's Creative Alchemi.

If you're sensing new paths emerging, listen to my Awakening Brilliance podcast too!

Ready to develop your unique body of work?

Is the world demanding your light?

Seeders are multi-dimensional creators who know the power of the unknown and the non-linear. They bring the pure-hearted and powerful dragon energies of peace, love and light mastery to every creation and interaction.

Living in the adventure of seeding creative possibilities creates the kinds of stories that most people would find unbelievable. 

I live my life by energetic awareness rather than plans. My daily target is to create impactful change with every choice.

Being a seeder means exploring intangible, unconventional mysteries and allowing them to lead you into creating the futures that others wish existed.

If you're here for the new earth, a series of 1-1 sessions with me is your creation catalyst for making your mark with love, light and a depth that will dissipate the power of the shadowlands.

You'll also love my all new Mystery School that is coming in late 2024. For now it's my secret passion project!

What People Say...

Anna Laura - Architect, Italy

"A conversation with Lisa, even at a distance, is worth more than 100 sessions of psychotherapy. 

A profound, transformational experience with unimaginable benefits."

Megan Walrod, USA

"Lisa, I wanted to let you know that within a week and a half of our session I received over $3k from new clients.

And there's been two other big clients knocking on my door for projects.”

Petra Siemers, Netherlands

"Lisa is someone who comes to the core quickly and easily and expresses things beautifully and clearly. 

You can not lead yourself around the garden in her presence!"


Lisa Murray is the Australian founder of Creative Alchemi™, a thriving international business which invites you to nurture your ideas into life with ease and get off the merry-go-round of ‘should’ by making choice a priority.  An MBA qualified business & creativity coach, Lisa’s vision is to make living into a playful, satisfying adventure rather than a predictable daily grind. 

Lisa is the author of ‘Stop Waiting, Start Creating’ & 'Living Beyond Burnout’. She inspires entrepreneurs, change-leaders and creatives to embrace the blossoming of their vision in creating greater futures. 

Backstory  ::  Your history is the gift you created for your future… are you using it?

I’ve been an event manager, now I curate & facilitate live events & retreats… for people who desire to create their ideas and their greatest futures. 

I’ve been a publicist, now I write… for clients who desire their words to match the energy of their creations... and books. 

I’ve been an award-winning marketing manager, now I build communities… full of people you will adore.

I was the kind of marketing manager who wanted to create the energy of a company, not just their messages. I'm more curious about ‘What can this company BE?’  than ‘What should they say?’

I've created businesses ‘my way’ from age 8, now I help others create businesses with bliss.

Past job titles... Recovering perfectionist. Obsessive observer. Queen of Overwhelm… Research Institute Operations Manager, Change Manager, BS Detector, Cage-Rattler, Comfort Zone Killer...

Sectors... I've held management roles in the health, retail, higher education and private enterprise sectors. 

Qualifications... MBA (entrepreneurship & leadership). B.Bus (HR & Marketing)

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