Is creating your ideas a little hit & miss?

The secret sauce that makes your creations fly is energetic alignment.

Join me for a masterclass in intuitive, energetic alignment.

In this training I share with you the discoveries I've made via 150+ creations, focusing on:

* How to engage with the energy of your business (it's different to YOUR energy!)

* How to intuitively align your ideas and creations with the energy of your business;

* Identifying the ideas and creations that are for YOU to create and expand upon;

* How to trust your intuition and put the doubt monsters to rest.

* Strategies for co-creating with time and timing. (Success is not all about NOW!)

Why Co-create Through Intuitive Aligned Creation?

We are in a time of immense change. The WAY we create has as much power as what we are creating. If ever you've been at some kind of stuck point where literally nothing would work, intuitive alignment is your path forward.

When you invite energetic alignment to show you what's next, surprising ideas emerge from the unknown. It's way more alchemical than AI!!

What if the path you are currently on can only create 10% of your potential... would you be open to activating the other 90%? Yes, this means change... change you will love and be grateful for forever!

How does the masterclass work?

It's easy! Once you register, you'll receive access to the 90 minute training where you'll learn to engage with your intuition and align your ideas and creations energetically. There's also a bonus resource to assist you in getting into your intuitive alignment with ease!

The more you put these approaches into action, the more alignment you'll experience.

Masterclass Now Available!

What's in the Masterclass?

It's $99 AUD of pure value!


  • Realign an existing creation to the energies of NOW.

  • Discover which of your creations are aligned / not aligned and what you can do with that.

  • Focus on bringing the energetic foundations of a specific creation alive.


  • A 90 minute Live Training / Masterclass (available via Private Podcast / Video)

  • A 24 page Playbook that goes deep into questions & tools you can use to create greater energetic alignment.

  • A post live event surprise you'll love.

$99 AUD is approximately USD 70 / EUR 65/ GBP 55 (as at 29 Feb 2024)

This tiny investment will reward you beyond your wildest dreams if you action it!

Lisa Murray - Let Go & Flow

Hi! Lisa Murray here, creator and founder of Creative Alchemi™.

I've been facilitating and guiding intuitive and energy alchemy practices for over fifteen years, and living them since I was 14 - yes, that's a long long time ago!

I am the author of 'Stop Waiting, Start Creating' and 'Living Beyond Burnout' and I've created 150 + live and online classes.

Four years of initiations has lead to a full recalibration of my creations, allowing intuitively aligned choices to shift my body of work into new realms of possibility.

This masterclass deepens your awareness and capacity to listen to the wild calls of your soul. It shows you how to develop the trust to take the leap into the unknown and invites you to bring your creative energy into full alignment with your soul presence.

Energetic alignment is no small thing... and without it, everything stays smaller than you desire.

This is for you if...

* Your usual ways of creating are not working anymore.

* You know you need to listen to the voice within more often.

* You're ready to hold energetically clear so your creations can emerge or expand, whatever your circumstances.

* You've got questions about how to align your energy when you don't feel great.

* You know you're at a turning point and intuitive energy alchemy needs to be your guide.

* You're afraid to lose what you have, but you know something has to change.

* You know that AI is NOT the answer to creating ideas that change the world for good!

Will you allow your full energetic potency to support you in expressing your brilliance in the world?

Get the Masterclass Instantly!

$99 AUD is approximately USD 70 / EUR 65/ GBP 55 (as at 29 Feb 2024)

What Lisa's Clients Say...

  • "Thanks Lisa. That was truly amazing. I could feel my cells re-organize for hours after. I'm feeling optimistic and my power is coming back to me. Looking forward to what I can create in my life." - Trina Mathieson, Australia

  • "Lisa's coaching style is unique, refreshing and it works. Lisa knows how to have fun and her playful style brings out the best in others. She always has great questions and tools to suggest." - Cass Russell, Australia

  • "Lisa's guidance comes from such a deep, rich space of her own decades of experience navigating the creative process. I trust her guidance and appreciate above all else how she invites me to trust my own process and knowing. This is a priceless gift."

    - Megan Walrod, USA


What is this body of work based on?

Good question! I am both a deep researcher and a fan of 'trial and error'. I use my energetic awareness to lead me to the elements which round out a body of work and make it unique in its implementation.

I first offered this body of work somewhere around 2014/15 as a 7 day email course which over 100 people participated in. The results were phenomenal - including an American teenager getting an $80,000 scholarship to college and another woman getting multiple parts in movies. Years later people keep telling me stories from that event! I always intended to turn it into a more in-depth experience and here we (finally) are!

My personal experiences (a tiny glimpse!)
Tapping into the energies in business started in my twenties. I was a marketing manager for shopping centres and I just 'knew' what kind of branding and advertising each shopping centre required to be more successful.

What was that knowing? An awareness of when the visual elements and words matched the energy of the brand. I could sniff out a mismatch faster than a hunting hound chasing its prey.

During my shopping centre career I was well known (and well awarded and rewarded!) for coming up with the unconventional strategies, the ideas that no-one else had thought of, the quirky twists that set my centres apart, in an industry that was full of predictability. All of that came from my willingness to tap into the energy of the business and express it in new ways.

Starting my businesses 15+ years ago, I soon realised I had a capacity for naming things and creating brands that people love. The only times my ideas have not worked are when my personal energy was in a not so cool space (and it wasn't fun for people to play with me!), when I had the timing a little off (I'm great at being aware of the future!) or when I forgot to talk to the business, allowing other people's points of view to take over what I intuitively knew. 

Format & Logistics

Upon registration you'll receive Zoom call details for the Masterclass. The replay will be available 24 hours after the live call.

Wednesday 27 March at 8am AEST. ( Click HERE for your time and date.)

Can I have a payment plan?

Payment plans are not available for this creation, due to its minimal pricing.

If you KNOW this is essential to your flourishing but you genuinely do not have money to attend even at the lowest level, please let me know and we will find a way. I know it's been a difficult time financially for many.

Do you offer refunds?

No refunds are available as this is a live online class. I have many free and low cost resources that allow you to experience my work and its results. This work is powerful and generative if you apply it.

How long do I have access to this experience?

As long as I have a Hello Audio account.... at least until the end of 2024, maybe longer! Feel free to download the masterclass.

Are 1-1 mentoring sessions available?

I have limited space available for 1-1 mentoring and it is at an additional charge. Please reach out via email ( to see where I'm currently placed.

What is offered in 1-1 mentoring / coaching?

We will use your current awareness as the starting point for the session. Possibilities include:

  • Intuitively exploring possibilities and ideas you may not yet have imagined that are 'waiting' for you.

  • Unplanning your way forward, so that you know where to start and how you will approach your visions and possibilities.

  • Removing energy blocks and allowing your heart and soul to lead.

  • Releasing burnout and (re)activating your gorgeous, glorious creation energies. 

  • Connecting with your energetic team to explore other possibilities.

  • Letting go of anything that no longer serves you.

  • Becoming undimmable, developing trust in yourself and your magic.

  • And anything that's on my coaching page!  >>>

    If you have questions, please ask. I coach and mentor in many areas as my intuitive knowing of which questions to explore takes us to exactly where you need to be. Often I receive downloads of information which make perfect sense to you, not so much to me ;) 

What else do people say about working with Lisa Murray?

I'm multi-creative. These comments are just the start of what's possible...


"Lisa is an amazing guide who invites such creative joyful exploration and expression of possibilities. Her Creative Futures workshop allowed me explore and embrace my creative gifts and abilities in a really fun way. I had a return deep dive journey to my spiritual roots, and sacred lineage where I acknowledged, embraced and reclaimed all of my wild divine feminine power and potency, empowering me to create more space and the freedom to more deeply embody and create my greatest future."

Kimberley Lovell - UK


"Not only am I brimming with inspiration, I also have a sense of the courage and clarity I possess to bring my creations into fruition."

Geraldine Woessner - Ireland


"Lisa's guidance comes from such a deep, rich space of her own decades of experience navigating the creative process. I trust her guidance and appreciate above all else how she invites me to trust my own process and knowing. This is a priceless gift."

Megan Walrod - USA


"I love this delicate and powerful woman, light and determined and the way she can guide everyone to embrace her deepest self. A conversation with her, even at a distance, is worth more than 100 sessions of psychotherapy, life is more fun, more colorful, lighter and works better.

Those around me notice this transformation, I see it, I feel it, but I am not sure of understanding what it is. In Buddhism it is called Hosshaku Kempon - abandoning the transient to reveal the truth.

To accept the idea that someone could help me to do what I already know and I always knew, and to be what I already am and have always been, to accept that I need an external spark to find all this has been the most difficult and most liberating step.

A profound transformation experience with unimaginable benefits, thanks to the light touch of your words."

Anna Laura Petrucci - Italy

Can I teach this work?

No! Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

If you are buying because you are curious but don't intend to do the work, or you intend to take the idea and create your version of it, Intuitively Aligned Creation is not for you.

Please know my dragons will eat your business for dinner if you steal from me in any form.

These resources are for your personal experience and embodiment, NOT a licence for you to teach others my work or share it freely in non-paid situations.

Nurture Your Vision & Awaken Your Brilliance

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